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Vermiculite is the fibre-free natural insulating material that is completely safe and completely non irritant. Used as an aggregate with Portland cement it forms a fire-resisting heat insulating and lightweight concrete that will substantially raise the efficiency of heating installations. Vermiculite concrete is ideal for insulating around flue linings, behind firebacks and around pipes when fitting new room heaters. When fitting linings for chimneys (old or new), use Vermiculite concrete for that extra insulation between the brick-work flue and liner.

How To Mix Vermiculite Concrete:
Materials needed:
1 bag of Vermiculite granular (approx. 6 parts by volume).
1/2 bag of Portland cement (approx. 1 part by volume)
23 litres (5 gallons) of water.
1 bag of Vermiculite, 1/2 bag of cement, will make about 0.1m³ of lightweight concrete Pour vermiculite from the bag, add the correct proportion of Portland cement, mix together and add the water - do not make or use a sloppy mix The vermiculite concrete can then be placed and lightly tamped into position. Do not compact heavily.

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